Applying to Immersion Lottery for Fall 2020?

If your child already has an MCPS student ID, you can apply for the lottery HERE:

If your child does not have an MCPS ID number yet, you can apply for one online HERE: After you are sent your child’s ID number, you can apply for the lottery HERE:

If you have any additional questions about the lottery process, email the Consortium Office at or leave a voicemail on their phone number (240) 740 – 2556.  A team member will return your call.

If you have any questions about our Spanish Immersion Program at Burnt Mills, please email our team leader,

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Immersion Application for 2020-21 School Year 

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For any questions, feel free to contact the Burnt Mills Immersion Team Leader at  



Burnt Mills Elementary School is transitioning to a FULL Immersion Program!      

Our Immersion Team is EXCITED to bring more Spanish to your children and immerse them more in the Spanish language and culture.

The process of transitioning to a full immersion program will require 3 years for all grades to become full.  

Please see the chart below to understand what the next few years will look like for your child.  

  full immersion 2018

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What is Immersion Learning?

Language immersion is an educational approach in which students are taught the curriculum content through the medium of a second language. In this way, immersion students not only learn the content, but also gain knowledge of the language in which it is taught. 

The main purpose of this method is to develop learners' language proficiency in their target language in addition to the English language, in other words, foster bilingualism. 


 What are the goals of an immersion program? 

• To achieve proficiency in the target language (listening, speaking, reading & writing)

• To acquire the same English language arts skills as students in English-only programs 

• To gain a greater understanding and appreciation of other cultures

• To become proficient in all content areas

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For questions about the Spanish Immersion Program at Burnt Mills ES, contact