Health Room News

Bel Pre Elementary School has a full-time certified health technician who is trained in First Aid and CPR. Our school nurse is also here one day a week. If your child is hurt, the health tech will administer first aid as needed. She will call you if there is a head injury or a more serious cut or scrape. If your child is feeling ill, she will take his/her temperature. If there is no fever, the child might be asked to rest for a while and then return to class. She will call you if necessary. In a serious health emergency, we will call 911 first, and then notify you. For your child to receive any medication during the school day - see MEDICATION below. WHEN TO KEEP YOUR CHILD HOME: PLEASE KEEP YOUR CHILD HOME IF HE/SHE IS ILL (Illness Guide). You certainly would not want to be responsible for the spread of any serious illness. Any student with a fever, rash, diarrhea, or vomiting must be sent home and remain at home until 24 hours after the last incident of fever/vomiting/diarrhea or until the rash is gone. 

MEDICATION: Montgomery County Schools and the Health Department enforce a very strict medication policy. For children who must take medication at school, the parent and physician must complete and sign the required medication form. You can pick this form up in the health room or download it from the MCPS website: 

This policy requires that any medication, whether it is prescription OR over-the counter medication, be prescribed by a physician and brought to school by the parent in the original container and properly labeled (keep the home supply in your own container). PLEASE REMEMBER: An adult must deliver and pick up any medications. No child may bring medication to school. We cannot administer any medication brought to school by a student.