Ms. Johnson

Ms. Johnson is the school counselor. She is a friend to everyone and has the best job at Bel Pre. The counselor helps all children do their best by listening to all students and helping them understand their feelings. Ms. Johnson works with students in a variety of ways.  She teaches lessons in the classrooms, has student groups, and sometimes works one on one with students.  She teaches students ways to get along with others and how to solve problems. Ms. Johnson also spends time helping parents and teachers.

Counselor's Newsletter

Debug Assembly

Bel Pre Elementary School held their annual De Bug Assembly to reinforce and practice using the De Bug steps. The purpose of the De Bug system is to equip children with a series of steps they can use to solve problems when others are “bugging “them. The 5 De Bug steps are 1) Ignore. If that doesn’t work…2) Move away. If that doesn’t work…3) Talk friendly. If that doesn’t work…4) Talk firmly. If that doesn’t work…5) Get adult help.

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Bullying is never allowed at Bel Pre Elementary School.  For more information on this important topic, click on the following link: