Meet Mr. Weingard

Hello Bulldogs! 

I am your Physical Education Teacher.  My name is Brent Weingard.  This is my 13th year teaching PE at Belmont ES.  I love being a Bulldog!  I also work for 2 other MCPS schools during the week.  Great Seneca Creek ES, and Lake Seneca ES.   

In addition to teaching, I have 2 other jobs that keep me busy during the school year and in the summer.  During the winter months I work for Whitetail Ski Resort.  I ski every Monday night for the Mountain Safety Department.  I help people when they get hurt skiing or snowboarding. This is my 4th year working for Whitetail Ski Resort. 

In the summers I work in Ocean City, Maryland for the Ocean City Beach Patrol.  I am a supervisor (Sergeant) of the Ocean Lifeguards along the boardwalk area in the southern part of Ocean City.  I have been Lifeguarding for 22 summers.  I get to meet and help hundreds of people each summer in this job also.  I have also helped the local aquatic life in the ocean from time to time.  I rescued a leatherback sea turtle this summer from drowning because she was sick.  I have also helped whales, dolphins, and seals when they need it along our beaches. 

I have 3 children that maybe you have seen in one of my classes.  They visit Belmont from time to time.  Shane is 3, Jenna is 6, and Brooke is 8.  They live with me in Frederick, Maryland in the Lake Linganore community. 

I grew up in Olney and attended Greenwood ES, Farquhar MS, and Sherwood HS.  I have always played sports since I was a young boy.  I started with soccer when I was 5, then played baseball, basketball, and flag football.  When I went to Farquhar I played Softball for the Roadrunners.  At Sherwood HS I played football for 4 years.  I played baseball for 2 years and wrestled for 2 years.  In wrestling I was the 185lb MCPS champion in 1987-88.  I was 1 of 4 captains for our football team also that year when I graduated. 

I went to Salisbury State University and Swam for 4 years and then became the strength and conditioning coach for both men’s and women’s swim teams.  I also taught for 1 year in Wicomico County before returning to my home in Olney.  My mother and father were both teachers for MCPS.  I have 1 brother that is a police officer for the District of Columbia.  (Washington DC)