PLEASE NOTE: FOR THE 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR, MCPS WILL NOT HAVE VOLUNTEERS DIRECTLY WORKING WITH STUDENTS DURING THE FIRST SEMESTER. During this time, please volunteer your services with organizations that support the well-being of students at:

How do I become a volunteer? All volunteers who regularly support schools and school sponsored activities must complete the MCPS online Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect online training by clicking the button below.

Volunteer Online Training

This training requirement also applies to student teachers and interns; volunteers who regularly help in the classrooms, with school dismissal or recess; and those who attend field trips and chaperone outdoor education. The online training is provided in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Korean, Amharic, and Vietnamese.

If I previously completed the required training prior to September 2019, do I have to take it again? If MCPS records show that you completed the online MCPS Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect training in the 2017-2018 or 2018-2019 school year, you do not need to repeat the training for the following school year. However, individuals are required to complete the training at least once every three years to continue volunteering. For example:

• If you completed training in 2016-2017, you must renew training in 2020-2021 (one-year extension)
• If you completed training in 2017-2018, you must renew training in 2020-2021
• If you completed training in 2018-2019, you must renew training in 2021-2022

What procedures do I follow when volunteering? To best support school staff and students, volunteers are expected to follow these procedures each time they volunteer:
• Sign-in and out of the building using the Visitor Management System (VMS).
• Wear the VMS produced volunteer identification name tag at all times while on school property.
• Volunteers may not access confidential student or personnel records, and should otherwise respect the confidentiality of all student information.
• When working with students, volunteers must be within view of other MCPS staff members and avoid unsupervised, one-on-one student contact.
• Volunteers may not discipline students and should report behavior concerns to the supervising staff member.