Health Room

  • Phone: 301 924-3140
  • Fax: 301 924-3233

Health Information 

Health Room Staff

Colleen Stickell RN
School Community Health Nurse

Mary Anne Hill, CNA
School Health Room Technician

The Department of Health and Human Services, School Health Services (SHS) in partnership with MCPS provides services to assure the health, safety, and well-being of students at Belmont ES in the health room.

School Health Services include assessment of health needs of students, sick and emergency care and first aid, monitoring immunization compliance, administering medications and treatments to students, who have physicians orders, maintaining student health records, providing crisis intervention, health counseling, health education-promotion, nurse case-management and referral. School Health staff assists  families of eligible uninsured students to enroll in the Maryland Children's Health and Care for Kids programs.

Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services

  • The Department of Health and Human Services, School Health Services (SHS) in partnership with Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) provides services to assure the health, safety and well-being of over 140,736 students enrolled in MCPS schools.
  • School Health Services’ School Community Health Nurses (registered nurses) and School Health Room Aides (certified nursing assistants) who work under the clinical oversight of a nurse, provide school health services to students during school hours.
  • School Health Services assesses the health needs of students, provides sick care, emergency care, monitors to assure immunization compliance, administers medications and treatments to students who have physician’s orders and maintains student health records. School Health staff assists families of eligible uninsured students to enroll in the Maryland Children’s Health and Care for Kids Programs.
  • School nurses provide consultation on health issues related to Individual Education Plans (IEP) and Section 504. They provide case management for students with special health needs and chronic health conditions and link students and families to community resources.
  • School Health Services collaborates with public and private partners to plan and implement prevention initiatives to address community-wide public health concerns such as childhood obesity, asthma, diabetes, oral health, minority disparities and barriers to health care.
  • The Hearing and Vision Programs conduct screenings to identify and refer students at risk for hearing and vision problems. Screening sessions are scheduled during the school year for children in preschool, kindergarten, first and eighth grade and by teacher referral.
  • The School Health Lead Program assures compliance with State requirements by notifying parents of students in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade of requirements to complete the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Blood Lead Testing Certificate.
  • School Health Services oversees the Head Start Early Childhood Program’s health services which provides screenings and links students to medical and dental services.
  • At the Residency and International Admissions Office (RIA), SHS health staff provides immunizations and TB screenings to newly enrolling MCPS international students and to students returning to the US after living abroad one year or more.
  • School Based Health/Wellness Centers are located at Broad Acres, Gaithersburg, Harmony Hills, New Hampshire Estates and Summit Hall Elementary Schools and Northwood High School. All provide free services to students who enroll including primary health care, mental health services, social services; youth development programs are provided at the high school level.

If you have questions about health services at your child’s school, please contact the School Community Health Nurse assigned to the school.