Counseling Department

Applying to College

The Counseling Department is an essential part to the college application process.  Students are encourage to seek guidance and support from their counselor, the College & Career Center, and the Registrar in each step of their application journey.

Processing Your College Application

After the colleges and universities to-be-applied-to have been chosen, the following actions must be completed:

Step 1

Have a parent/guardian complete and sign an Authorization for Release of Records (yellow).  Upon completion, this form must be returned to the Registrar.This form will only need to be completed once and will be valid for all releases of student records henceforth.  Regardless of whether you are filing an electronic or paper application, this form must be filed.  Without this form, NO TRANSCRIPTS OR OTHER RECORDS WILL BE RELEASED.

Step 2

Complete Student Reflection on personal Naviance account.

Step 3

Make an appointment with the counselor to discuss the college application process in accordance with procedures on Naviance.

Step 4

Request required materials for your specified applications.  All requests for transcripts and records will be made with the Registrar.  Also, if your application requires you to do so, request reccommendations from counselors and teachers.

Step 5

Contact the appropriate Testing Providers (College Board or The ACT) to send SAT or ACT scores directly to the college/university.  *B-CC is NOT able to send scores for these tests.

*To send IB or AP test scores, please contact the Registrar.

Financial Planning and Assistance

The Counseling Department works closely with the College & Career Center to assist students and their families to plan financially for their future in higher education.  Information on financial planning programs and scholarships can be found in the College & Career Center.  We encourage all students to visit this portion of our office to take advantage of every financial opportunity available.