Counseling Department

Personal Counseling

Each student is paired with their counselor for the entirety of their time at B-CC.  It is encouraged for students to visit their counselor often for assistance with their academic success and personal achievements.  The counselors are student advocates and, therefore, being accessible to students is their top priority. 

Although counselors are available for the students' immediate personal concerns, school counseling is not to be considered as long-term therapy.  This being said, counselors are more than willing to provide families with insight into resources outside of the school.  These resources can vary from additional learning accommodations in the form of tutoring to referrals to professional programs to assist in personal issues.

Please come and speak to your counselor if you have concerns of your own or are concerned for a classmate or friend. 

Maryland Youth Crisis Hotline
1 800 422 0009
24 hours a day.  7 days a week.