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Seeking Student Voice on MCPS Board Policies

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Student Voice Sought on MCPS Board Policies

Montgomery County Public Schools is seeking student voice on regulations under review by the Board of Education. Below are upcoming regulations and current regulations that are being reviewed for updates. You are encouraged to read the topics, review the policy/regulation suggestions, and share public comment as requested.

Topic: Marijuana, Medical Marijuana, Narcan

Upcoming: Two regulations will be published soon related to marijuana and opioid overdoses:

  • JPC-RA, Administration of Medication to Students, describes how medical marijuana will be treated just like any other medication that must be administered by the School Community Health Nurse.  There are no conditions under which students may self-carry medical marijuana on MCPS property.
  • JPD-RC, Emergency Care for Individuals Experiencing Symptoms of Opioid Overdose, is a new regulation that describes how students may carry Narcan, but they are always advised to contact emergency services if they believe another person may be experiencing an opioid overdose.

Topic: Parking Facilities and Student Driving

Regulation ECG-RA, Parking Facilities and Student Driving, has recently been updated to address fines, towing and other issues related to parking on school property. Read the regulation to learn more.

Topic: Student Counseling and Parent and Family Involvement

 The Board is asking for public comments on draft amendments to Policy IJA, Student Counseling, and Policy ABC, Parent and Family Involvement. You are encouraged to read the polidy and share public comment.

Topic: English Language Learners and Translation and Interpretation

Upcoming: On May 16, 2023 (3:00 - 5:30 PM), the Board Policy Management Committee will be starting work on two policies that may be of interest to students:  updates to Policy IOD, English Language Learners, and a new policy tentatively titled, Policy KBC, Translation and Interpretation.