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Two Finalists for Montgomery County SMOB


Two Finalists for Montgomery County SMOB

On Wednesday February 15, 2023, over 400 student delegates from across MCPS middle and high schools came to Watkins Mill High School to participate in the SMOB Nominating Convention.  From a pool of 12 students, two candidates were elected as the finalists, Mr. Sami Saeed and Mr. Yoseph Zerihun. 

Photo from left to right: Yoseph Zerihun, SMOB Mr. Arvin Kim, and Sami Saeed

Mr. Sami Saeed is a Grade 11 student at Richard Montgomery High School. He currently serves as the president of his school’s student government association (SGA), a member of the current SMOB Advisory Council, and a member of the Montgomery County Commission on Youth and Children. Mr. Saeed is an avid writer and has written for both the Richard Montgomery Tide and the MoCo Student.

Mr. Yoseph Zerihun is a Grade 11 student from Springbrook High School.  He is the captain of the school’s debate and mock trial teams as well as the captain of the school’s Varsity baseball and golf teams. Mr. Zerihun also serves on the school SGA executive board as the Language Coordinator where he ensures that the school’s SGA materials are translated for all students.

The SMOB election day will be held in all secondary schools on Wednesday, April 19, 2023.