Civil War Research Project

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Subscription Databases

 US History in Context- Start Here!!! - This site has information on almost all topics. Once you search for your topic, your results list will show, reference articles, biographies, magazine and newspaper articles, etc...

EBSCO Databases - This link will take you to a page that contains several different databases. The ones you want to use for this project are History Reference Center, Student Research Center, Mas Ultra and Explora Secondary Schools

FactCite- There are 3 databases on this site that might be helpful: Shapers of Society, World Biography and American History


Gale Virtual Reference Library - This link takes you to a collection of electronic books. Look at the book shelf (in the biography and history categories) and find books that may contain your topic. You can then search within each book for your topic.


Encyclopedia Britannica

World Book Online 



Smithsonian - Contains info on A. Lincoln, M. Brady, weapons, military and leaders -Battles - Weapons

Civil War Trust -Battles

Civil War Trust - Biographies

National Geographic - Prison Camps

eHistory Archive - Civil War Medicine

PBS - Images from the war

History Channel

Civil War Trust

National Park Service

Civil War Academy