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Physical Education

Mr. Andrew Murphy - PE Teacher

About the Program

The Flower Hill Physical Education Program seeks to introduce students to various levels of movement concepts and skill themes. The movement concepts include space awareness, effort and relationships. The skill themes include traveling, jumping and landing, balancing, transferring weight and rolling, kicking and punting, throwing and catching, volleying and dribbling, striking with rackets and paddles, and striking with long-handled implements.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help students develop a healthy appreciation of fitness and enjoyment of activities which will promote an active lifestyle through adulthood. The program strives to make students feel good about themselves and what they are doing. It is the belief of the physical education program that learning involves the whole person and the affective, cognitive and psychomotor domains are constantly present. In addition, this approach to physical education supports the academic areas of learning by making cross-curricular connections within each lesson.

PE News -  

I hope everyone had a relaxing winter break!  We are continuing with volleyball skills in grades 3-5.  The students have learned how to bump, set, and serve.  This unit involves a lot of partner activity, so they are really learning how to cooperate with each other.


The students in K-2 are still practicing throwing and catching.  They are throwing at different sized targets and catching different sized balls.  I challenge them to see if they can catch 20 in a row.  They are so excited when they reach their goal. Our next unit is body shapes: wide (arms and leg extended wide), twisted (cross legs and arms), narrow (stand straight), and round (roll into a ball).  


As always, encourage healthy eating and exercise regularly.


I hope everyone stays warm!

Ms. Gover