Mission Statement

At Cold Spring Elementary School we cultivate a positive inclusive community that inspires academic success, creative thinking, and social responsibility for all students today, tomorrow and beyond.

How can I get in touch with my child's teacher if I don't have the e-mail address?

When you visit the school website click on the Staff Directory link shown on the left side of the screen. When you click on you teacher's name their email address is presented.

How do I know when to contact the teacher?

E-mail will be the fastest way to communicate your questions or mild concerns. With pressing concerns or questions you can call the office and leave a message with the best time and method for the teacher to return your call.


Keep your eyes out for the Principal's newsletter. I enjoy collaborating with our teachers, all of the staff and parents each month to provide you with an overview of what is happening and what is to come at Cold Spring. You can find the newsletter on the school website each month.

Health Room

Eat well, sleep well, and wash your hands. Let's keep our community healthy and safe.


Promote the arts by asking specific and open ended questions. Questions like: How did you feel when you drew...? or How did you feel to play the (...instrument) all by yourself? Which is you favorite instrument? or What is you favorite thing to do in art? or favorite game or position to play in PE? Did you try a new game or play on a different team this week?


Enjoy the time you have left with your child. Let them be a child, the learning and testing will all come in time.

First Grade

Read, read, read. Let them see you read. Read to them. Listen to them read, even if they are making up the story as they look at books. Take turns reading words. Read, read, read.

Second Grade

Ask them specific and open ended question about school. Questions like:

  • What did you do in math today?
  • Which book did you read today?
  • What did you say when the teacher called on you?
  • How were you a good friend today?

Third Grade

Let us know how your child is doing on the work at home. Share with us your hopes and expectations. Please review their graded work and let us know where we can help.

Fourth Grade

Keep your eyes out for our weekly newsletters. Don't be afraid to volunteer with ANYTHING, we have lots of activities and projects you can help out with outside of the classroom.  Help your child find the best organizational system that works for them. 

Fifth Grade

E-mail is the best and fastest wat to contact us. We love your questions and want you to be informed! Help your child work on organizing their assignments, binders, and activities.