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Reopening Middle School

What to Expect: Middle School

Middle School


smaple image Important note: In all rotation models WEDNESDAYS REMAIN VIRTUAL-ONLY, except on short weeks where there is a day off. On those short weeks, Wednesdays are instructional days for all middle and high school students.

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Subject Areas

Schools have determined the number of students they can serve in person and are finalizing their planning and selection of instructional models to implement for these students. Schools will only be able to accommodate a limited number of students in person given space limitations, health and safety guidelines and staff availability. 

There may also be a combination of instructional models across a students’ day and weekly rotational schedule, as there may be a need to combine the virtual and in- person models to program for a student day. For example, a secondary student may come into the school for two classes taught in a simultaneous model and then be supervised in a support model to engage in their remaining classes virtually.

Middle School


smaple image Important note: Day begins at 8:15 am, but first class is at 9 am
Proceeds through online learning as we do presently

Subject Areas and Course Load

Students will remain enrolled in their core academic classes, required courses, electives, support classes and special programs, according to the school-developed master schedule. Students/parents/guardians may request a reduced course load using MCPS Form 280-98, in close consultation with the school counselor and approval by the principal.

Students will have until the first week of the fourth marking period to withdraw from a course without notation on the academic record (extended from the 25th day of the semester).

Adjustments will be made to required content, pacing, and assessment in some content areas.

Like a traditional schedule, students will be assigned to their subject area teachers by class period. This includes courses required for graduation, electives, Honors and advanced courses, and special programs such as career and technology education.

Special education services will be provided through a combination of in person and virtual service delivery models depending on the student's Individualized Education Program

Career and Technical Education

MCPS is working closely with the Maryland State Department of Education to ensure students are able to meet all requirements in a virtual-only model. These include programs housed at Thomas Edison High School of Technology and Seneca Valley High School. All students, whether they are at the very beginning of a program or continuing on in a program they had already started, will engage in rigorous and meaningful career-related instruction and have the opportunity to complete their career program. Students will have relevant, real-world experiences through web conferences, virtual simulations, project based learning, capstone projects and more. Students will be provided with the required software and technology for learning. Staff will continue to work on the development of modifications for some of the more equipment intensive programs, such as Automotive, Construction, Cosmetology, and Restaurant Management. These programs will be prioritized in the first phase of in-person return.

Live Instructional Schedule

The live instructional schedule will include full class periods, with teachers fully engaged with their students for the duration of the lesson.

Class Periods and Additional Support

Generally, students will have four full class periods per day and will also be provided time for additional live academic and/or social-emotional support. Each class will meet at least two times each week.

Targeted Support and Independent Work

The non-scheduled class time on Wednesdays is designed to encourage connection and support outside of the daily classes.

The non-scheduled class time will focus on:

  1. Time to engage in directed, self-paced/independent work
  2. Time to receive individualized student support, including working with staff members who serve students with disabilities and related service providers.

At the secondary level there are additional goals for this non-scheduled time including:

  1. Time to check in with teachers by period and receive support on current course content.
  2. Time to engage in school sponsored and partnership programs.

During non-scheduled class time, staff will be engaged in activities that directly relate to planning, instruction and assessment. This includes individual and collaborative planning, examining student work, grading or professional development.


Virtual Learning

We continue to build upon and make improvements to the virtual model to ensure excellence, access and equity in the learning experience. Our virtual learning model will continue to provide engaging and enriching instruction for all students at all grade levels.


Live Instruction and Engagement

All students will continue to have live, teacher-led instruction and a full day of instructional experiences.


Providing Ongoing Support and Resources

MCPS will provide a wide range of supports and resources to help students, staff and families successfully engage in virtual instruction.


Flexibility for Students and Families

Lessons will be recorded for students that cannot access the lesson at the scheduled time.