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Reopening Elementary School


What to Expect: Elementary School

Elementary School


smaple image Important note: In all rotation models WEDNESDAYS REMAIN VIRTUAL-ONLY, except on short weeks where there is a day off. On those short weeks, Wednesdays are instructional days for all middle and high school students.

Student Attestation Form COVID-19 TESTING  

Schools received a list of students that have selected an in-person instructional experience along with staff that qualify for accommodations and therefore cannot participate in an in person instructional experience. Using this information, schools have determined the number of students they can serve in person and are finalizing their planning and selection of instructional models to implement for these students. Schools will only be able to accommodate a limited number of students in person given space limitations, health and safety guidelines and staff availability.

Given the range of needs in elementary school, schools may use different instructional models throughout the school or a combination of models. For example, with an in-person schedule consisting of four days, an elementary school student may come to school and receive direct instruction for Monday/Tuesday and then be supervised and provided the necessary support within a support model Thursday/Friday.

Specials, Lunch and Recess

Whether students are participating in the direct model or the support model, they will continue to receive instruction in art, music, and physical education. Art and music may be offered through in-person or offered virtually depending on each school. Physical Education will remain virtual unless space for outdoor teaching is available and weather is permitting.

Students may eat lunch in their classrooms or in the all purpose room/cafeteria as long as physical distancing and appropriate seating arrangements are utilized. Students will have recess in a safe and supervised location that takes into account the number of students in accordance with health and safety guidelines. Both groups of students will be home on Wednesday learning virtually in the current schedule while the school is being cleaned and prepared for the next group of students to come to school. This could also potentially be implemented on an A week and then a B week.

Elementary School


smaple image Important note: Day begins either at 9 am (Tier 1) or 9:25 (Tier 2)
Proceeds through online learning as we do presently

Learning Experiences

Learning experiences for elementary students will include time in small groups, independent work and teacher-led activities. Students will have live, teacher-led instruction and a full-day of learning activities and supports. Students will also engage in non-screen related instructional activities (i.e. reading assignments and workbook problems).

Elementary Virtual-Only Instructional Week At-A-Glance

*Please note that the following are just sample schedules. Schools may adjust the order of classes and other components to meet the needs of their school community.

On average, elementary students can expect schedules that incorporate the following:

  • Daily class meetings/social-emotional learning (15-30 min daily)
  • Math (75 min daily)
  • Literacy (90 min daily)
  • Related and special services—English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and special education
  • Interventions/individual support
  • Social studies (30-45 min, once a week)/science (30-45 min, once a week)
  • Art, music, P.E. (20-45 min each, weekly)

This schedule breakdown aligns with what a student would experience in school.

Targeted Support and Independent Work

The non-scheduled class time on Wednesdays is designed to provide additional time for connection and support outside of the daily class instructional blocks.

At all levels, non-scheduled class time provides:

  1. Time to engage in directed, self-paced/independent work that supports content mastery.
  2. Time to receive individualized student support, including working with staff members who serve students with disabilities and related service providers.

At the elementary level, non-scheduled class time also provides time for specials.

Staff will use the non-scheduled class time to plan, examine student work, grade or engage in professional development.


Virtual Learning

We continue to build upon and make improvements to the virtual model to ensure excellence, access and equity in the learning experience. Our virtual learning model will continue to provide engaging and enriching instruction for all students at all grade levels.


Live Instruction and Engagement

All students will continue to have live, teacher-led instruction and a full day of instructional experiences.


Providing Ongoing Support and Resources

MCPS will provide a wide range of supports and resources to help students, staff and families successfully engage in virtual instruction.


Flexibility for Students and Families

Lessons will be recorded for students that cannot access the lesson at the scheduled time.