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Transition to Episerver

Ektron (Tron) will be phased out and replaced with Episerver

Tron, the content management system (CMS) we have used since 2006, has been deprecated and is being replaced by Episerver. MCPS has contracted with EpiServer and their migration partner C2 who, along with the Web Services team, will migrate all MCPS websites (schools and offices) to the new CMS.

Work is underway, and the first three pilot schools were launched in August 2019.  Schools are currently being divided into batches for scheduled migrations. We will share a timeline and contact school principals when work begins on their school.

Benefits of the new CMS

  • A new, more intuitive, WYSIWIG-focused content management system
  • All MCPS web content will be hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment
  • If your school website has an older design/template, it will automatically be upgraded to a new template similar to Brookhaven ES during the migration process


Episerver training for webmasters will occur during the migration time period for each batch of schools. Online resources are posted with step-by-step instructions for Episerver, and a self-paced course is available online through myMCPS Classroom.