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Meet the Specialists & Support Staff

Full Time Specialists

  • Leela Payne (Art)
  • Jacquelyn Krueger (Music)
  • Shawn Moran (P.E.)
  • Joela Paik (Media Specialist)

Part Time Specialists

  • Christine Cassagnau (art)
  • Camille Booth (music)
  • Martha Gover (P.E)
  • Ed Fisher (P.E.)
  • Aaron Fisher (Instrumental Music)

Support Staff

  • Erica Kessler (Reading Specialist) (pictured below)
  • Cybele Gagne (Academic Intervention - Reading + and Math + Classes)
  • Joelle Thompson (Staff Development)



Mrs. Kessler Reading Specialist


  • Melissa Gonzalez (Learning Center Coordinator)
  • Cynthia Gewain (Resource Teacher)
  • Carrie Loney (Occupational Therapist)