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Eligibility for Attendance at the Teacher Transfer Job Fairs

Candidates eligible to attend the job fairs include the following:

  • Tenured teachers who hold a standard or advanced professional certificate and who are choosing to transfer to another school (voluntary transfers).
  • Teachers whose positions have been eliminated at their schools and are involuntarily transferred.
  • Teachers returning from leave.
  • Second-year MCPS teachers who meet performance standards prior to the job fairs.
  • Part-time teachers seeking full-time assignments within their certification fields.*
  • Full-time teachers seeking part-time assignments within their certification fields.*
  • Teachers/counselors making lateral moves: teacher to teacher—counselor to counselor.

(*Teachers seeking a change in hours can only be recommended for vacancies once all involuntary transfers and teachers returning from leave are assigned.


Candidates not eligible for attending the job fairs include the following:

  • Psychologists, pupil personnel workers, and other 12-month employees classified as pupil services who should respond directly to vacancy advertisements posted on MCPS Careers.
  • Student teachers, substitute teachers, and paraeducators seeking teaching positions, should apply for teaching positions using MCPS Careers (creating an account as a potential employee – applying to “Talent Pool” positions for which they are certified).
  • Teachers who have not been evaluated for tenure.
  • Teachers who are in the Peer Assistance and Review Program and are seeking a voluntary transfer.