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Northwood High School

919 University Blvd., West
Silver Spring, MD 20901





MCPS Construction Contact

Rob Badstibner

October 26, 2023 DCC Open House Presentation
October 9, 2023 Back to School Night Presentation
April 18, 2023 PTSA Presentation
October 20, 2022 Open House Presentation
November 16, 2021 Northwood High School PTA Meeting Presentation
November 12, 2019 Community Meeting Presentation
October 22, 2019 Community Meeting Presentation
October 1, 2019 Community Meeting Presentation
Community Meeting Notice


Design Facts
  • Options have been explored that range from complete demolition of existing Northwood to concepts that may preserve some existing spaces
  • Initial concept development results show full demolition of the existing building as the preferred and fiscally prudent option
  • Previous infrastructure investments in areas of utilities and stormwater management will be preserved to the maximum extent practicable
Northwood Project Schedule
  • Design Commencement Spring 2019
  • Northwood students and staff relocate to holding facility – Beginning of the 2024 School Year
  • Construction begins at Northwood HS – Fall 2024
  • Northwood students and staff move-in to new Northwood HS – Beginning of the 2026 School Year
Northwood Project - Outstanding Concerns/Issues to be addressed at upcoming community meetings
  • How will the holding facility accommodate current program requirements?
  • How will transportation, both MCPS and public transportation, support the needs of students and families?
  • What services will relocate to the holding facility and what services will relocate to a different facility near Northwood HS (i.e. the Wellness Center, Saturday School)?
  • When will logistics be determined for after-school events; to include location, transportation, schedule (athletic games and practices, plays/performances, after-school academics, school clubs)?
Northwood Holding Facility Information
  • Once constructed, the Woodward High School building will serve initially as the holding facility for Northwood High School
  • Frequently Asked Questions and design presentations can be found under the Files tab on this page
  • The building will be constructed in phases and the first phase does not include an auditorium or stadium field
  • The phase 2 work will be constructed while Northwood High School is housed at the school to allow for the reopening of Woodward High School for the start of the 2026 School Year
  • This project is expected to break-ground during the Winter of 2021
Next Steps
  • Continue community discussions for feedback related to the Northwood High School Replacement Project
  • Schedule community and staff meetings to review specific holding facility concerns and reviews ways to develop operations plans that will minimize impacts on the school community
  • Schedule community and staff meetings to review transportation challenges during the two year holding facility period
  • Develop a communications plan to engage elementary and middle school families that may be impacted by this project

July 15, 2021 Mandatory Referral Board of Education Presentation
Preliminary Plans Brochure