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Heat Index

Schools shall monitor prevailing weather conditions, including the current heat index, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and make appropriate practice and activity accommodations. The heat index on the Athletics webpage applies to the 20877 zip code, the most central site in Montgomery County.

To determine the current Heat Index, simply view the current weather conditions for the 20877 zip code according to the official National Weather Service/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NWS/NOAA). These weather conditions will be used to determine the Heat Index for all schools in Montgomery County.

Sample Heat Index Image


After clicking on the link to the current weather conditions, locate the "Heat Index" in the middle of the "Current Conditions" area on the webpage.  A sample weather condition with the Heat Index highlighted is pictured to the right.  NOTE:  The Heat Index index is only calculated when the temperature is greater than 80° F. 


NOAA Heat Index Chart

Temperature Guidelines

Heat Index Restrictions  
0 – 90° F   Normal practice guidelines and restrictions
91–104° F   Exercise caution; observe players carefully; frequent water breaks;
  limit time in which players are wearing full equipment
105° F +   No outside activities; activities limited to air-conditioned school facilities


In hot, humid weather, coaches shall use good judgment in determining the length and nature of the practice. Frequent water breaks shall be provided, and players shall be carefully monitored.

The heat index changes as the day progresses. A heat index in the morning, for instance, may increase to a more dangerous level later in the day. Thus, restrictions that would apply to a morning practice or activity may be different than in the afternoon or evening. The relevant heat index that coaches shall use will be the one nearest to the start time of the practice or activity. The heat index shall be monitored as the day progresses and appropriate modifications implemented.

In extremely cold weather, coaches shall use good judgment in determining the length and nature of the practice. The temperature as well as the wind chill factor should be considered. Athletic events may be rescheduled by mutual agreement of the athletics specialists of the competing schools.