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Health Education

High School

High School Graduation Requirements

1.0 credit in High School Health Education (HPE2042A and HPE2042B)

Health Education in High School

Health Education A and Health Education B are each taught for a semester of 18-weeks totaling 1 full credit. All students beginning with the ninth grade class of 2021-2022 are required to successfully complete these courses prior to high school graduation. Knowledge, concepts, skills, and strategies essential to making healthful decisions are presented promoting lifelong health and well-being. Certified Health Education teachers implement a variety of learning activities to promote and practice wellness skills and health literacy. The development of lifelong positive health-related attitudes and behaviors are emphasized to promote self-reliance and self-regulation.  *Health Education A is a Pre-Requisite to Health Education B.

Health Education A (.5 credit)

 Indicators and Objectives

Health Education B (.5 credit)

Indicators and Objectives

 Online Health Education A 



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