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Blake’s Internship Program gives senior students an opportunity to complement their formal education with career-related experience. Internships directly involve students in a professional work environment where they can apply academic knowledge and learn workplace skills. Internships allow students to attain first-hand knowledge about a career or field of study and help inform decisions about post-secondary education and careers.

Based on their career aspirations, Blake High School interns are affiliated with appropriate worksites and mentored by sponsors who guide and evaluate their experience. Interns complete a minimum number of on-site hours, calculated on the amount of course credits they receive. Typically, students receive 1 or 2 credits per semester and complete between 150 to 225 semester hours. This averages between 8 to 12 hours per week. Blake High School interns must be able to complete required graduation credits while leaving school on an early dismissal schedule. Interns must provide transportation to and from the internship site. In addition to site-based experience, the internship curriculum includes career-focused seminars and projects.

Students who wish to enroll in the Internship Program should immediately fully complete the attached application, secure parental/guardian permission and speak with their Guidance Counselor for scheduling approval.

Application Checklist Application - Click Here


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