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Humanities & Arts Signature Program

A four-year program of focused study for students who are passionate about some aspect of the humanities and/or arts!  

How do I apply?

The online application is available below (no paper applications will be accepted). Students must also ask two teachers to submit the online recommendation form to the Program Coordinator by the due date. Students will be formally notified of acceptance in the program. Due date for applications is January 24, 2020. All recommendations must be submitted by January 31, 2020.


  •    If you are a rising 9th grader who is filling out the scheduling card, please sign up for H&A sections of English and Social Studies (changes may be made later if necessary).

     Important Program Documents
     Sunset Jumpers

    What are the Humanities?

    The humanities encompass the branches of learning that help us understand our culture and that of others. They encompass literature, history and other social studies, languages and culture, philosophy and religion, law, film, and morality. The humanities help us learn how to think, rather than what to think.

    What are the Arts?

    The fine arts - dance, music, theatre, and visual arts - represent a form of thinking and a way of knowing that is based on human imagination and judgment. They actively involve learners as creators, organizers, observers, and evaluators.

    Who is eligible for the program?

    Any rising Wootton 9th grader who has a passion for some aspect of the humanities and/or the arts! Students generally apply in the winter of grade 8, but on a space-available basis, students may apply in grade 9 or 10.  Only students who live in the Wootton district may apply for this program

    The pre-requisites of applying are as follows:

    •  students must have an A or B average in English and Social Studies classes in middle school AND 
    •  be able to present two positive teacher recommendations from among their 8th grade teachers


    What are the major components of the H&A Signature Program?



    •  First, students take a set of required courses including enriched humanities sections of honors English and Social Studies.  Students choose their specific program focus through their selection of their electives. 
    •  Second, students must complete an off-campus experience, which include a study abroad, a university program, or an internship.  Arts focus students may also use non-school affiliated art/performance program for this requirement.
    •  Finally, all signature students must complete and pass the AP Seminar and AP Research courses.