2020-2021 Election Results

Congratulations Wootton students - we held a successful online election for the first time, and it went perfectly.  Over half of the student body exercised their voice and voted - and the SGA owes great thanks to our Media Specialist Ms. Tammie Burk, and our Career and Technology Department Resource Teacher Ms. Bethany Petr, and to our SGA Elections Committee Chair, James Mu.  Here are your officers for 2020-2021.  We will announce officers for the incoming freshman class of 2024 in the fall when we receive results from Cabin John and Robert Frost middle schools.
Class of 2023
President:  Max Choi
VP: Hope Safai
Treasurer: John Cosgrove
Secretary: Allison Cheng
Class of 2022
President:  Dylan Safai
VP:  Keethri Padmarabhan
Treasurer:  Jasmine Gong
Secretary:  Joaquin Moreno
Class of 2021
President:  Rachel Son
VP:  Josh Mariani
Treasurer:  Christina Lee
Secretary:  Wyland On
Co-Presidents:  Owen Matus, Ellie Esterowitz
Treasurer:  Mikey Fellman
Secretary:  Rhoda Ndjoukouo