Wootton Mentor Program

The Wootton SGA theme for the year is Unity Through Adversity. A new initiative this fall is the Wootton Mentor Program. This program is open to new and current students looking for advice, support, and guidance on how to navigate academics, extracurriculars, clubs and general high school experiences. Mentors will be upperclassmen who have at least two years of high school experience to help their Mentees.

There are two forms:  one for prospective Mentors, and another for prospective Mentees.  Please consider volunteering as a Mentor if you are an experienced Wootton student.  For any students looking for a Mentor, we assure you that if you send in your form we will find a great Mentor for you.

If there are any questions, please contact the SGA Mentor Program Chairpersons, Iman Idrissa at iiman3928@gmail.com or Ryan Meyer at rpmtennis@gmail.com for further information if you have any questions.

Program Form for Mentors

Program Form for Mentees