Wood Middle School Free Summer Program

Mustangs, join us this summer to connect with your classmates and teachers for fun and engaging learning together online, July 13-31st!  This program completely free and  is open to all students entering 6th, 7th, or 8th grade next school year. Each program meets 50 minutes a day 3 days a week. Please read detailed information here before registering.  

Registration will close on July 10, at 1:00 pm. Families who register will receive program enrollment confirmation as they are enrolled into courses after registering.  


Summer Math Resources

Wood Families, we have a Math Summer Website. On this site you will find the recommended summer math assignment along with links to various optional summer math enrichment opportunities. We highly recommend all students to also consider completing the Skills Practice PDF associated with your incoming math all course. This will help you retain some of the learning that occurred before and during our Marking Period 3 & 4 Distance Learning environment. Paper copies of the packets will be at the school to be picked up during Student Curbside Retrieval.


Summer English Resources

This summer the students can access the summer reading options through websites.  Our 8th graders headed for Rockville High School have their own summer websites too!  All of the sites are linked on the Wood website.  The goal of the summer reading assignments is to have students continue to read through the summer and enjoy what they read!  The website has a link that will bring students to a variety of digital texts. We encourage students to get a Montgomery County digital library card and participate in the summer reading challenge offered through the public library. We encourage students to keep a list of what they read throughout the summer and use the choice reflection prompt on the website to spark discussions about what they read.  

Summer Reading Websites and Book Recommendations

Check out the wood library media center’s Summer reading page to access opportunities to continue reading over the summer and other activities to keep your brain sharp! 

Wood Middle School Students

Rockville High School Students




RHS Grade 9 Summer Reading 2020

RHS Grado 9 Lectura de verano 2020


·        Montgomery County Public Libraries:  Middle School

·        Scholastic.  Diverse books for young readers? Here are 12 curated lists.

·        Edutopia.  22 Diverse Book Choices for All Grade Levels

·        BookRiot.  25 of the Best Middle School Books for Today's Readers

·        Brightly. 11 Contemporary Diverse Novels for Middle Grade Readers


·        Montgomery County Public Libraries:High School

·        Scholastic.Diverse books for young readers? Here are 12 curated lists.

·         Edutopia.  22 Diverse Book Choices for All Grade Levels