What math will students know and be able to do by the end of each course? 

Below are links to curriculum overviews and resources for each course:

 C2.0 Curriculum and Progressions will provide information about the mathematical course sequence for students from middle school through high school.  An online booklet, titled Mathematics Program for Grades K-12, is available for your reference.


Need Extra Help?
All math teachers are available during most lunches for re-teaching and re-assessing.  In addition, teachers are willing to stay after school to provide students with extra help.  Do not hesitate to ask your teacher when you can meet with him or her to receive extra help whenever you need it!


 Homework Hotline 
Do you have a question to a math problem that you want answered on television?  If so, submit your question via text, email, or Facebook to Homework Hotline Live and watch.

Other Supports

Here are some other math sites that you can visit to practice and learn more about specific concepts that are being taught in math.