Kindergarten Registration 2022 – 2023


Get Ready to Register Your Child for Kindergarten!


Again this year, parents will complete an online application process to enroll their children in kindergarten for the 2022-2023 school year.


MCPS online registration is scheduled to begin on March 28, when links to online registration will go live on the MCPS website ( and the Woodlin ES website.


To prepare for the online registration process, please gather the following documents and forms, which you will need to attach as individual pdfs to your online registration.  You can find all referenced forms on the MCPS website (  Just enter “Form” with its number into the Search field.


1. Original birth certificate.  This is required to establish the child’s relationship to the parents.  A passport will not provide this information.


2. Proof of ResidencyIf you are a homeowner, an acceptable document is a current property tax bill. A copy can be obtained from Montgomery County Department of Finance at 240-777-0311 or at  If you are a renter, an acceptable document is a rental lease; if the original term of the lease has expired, a copy of a current utility bill or a lease extension should be provided.  If you are living in shared housing with a homeowner or renter who has a bona fide residence within an MCPS school area, a notarized MCPS Form 335-74, Shared Housing Disclosure must be completed, and you must provide, appropriate, evidence of residency.  For homeowners, an acceptable document is a current property tax bill, for a renter, an acceptable document is a current rental lease (if the original term of your lease has expired, a copy of a current utility bill or a lease extension should be provided); sign and have notarized the affidavit on MCPS Form 335-74; and provide three documents to demonstrate that the parent/guardian is living at the address. The completed, signed and notarized MCPS Form 335-74 may be counted as one of the three required proofs of address.  An acceptable document of address should be a communication from the following types of entities:  Financial Institution (i.e. banks, insurance companies, etc.), Utility Company (i.e. phone, water, power, etc.), Governmental (i.e. federal, state, local), Medical, Religious, or Nonprofit/Community Organization.


3. Picture ID of registering parent (for example, a driver’s license or passport)


4. Form 345-17, Prekindergarten Experience


5. MDH Form 896, Immunization Certification; to be completed by an authorized health care provider.  Your health care provider can also provide a printout of your child’s immunization record, which must show the doctor’s name and practice address.  Consult with your authorized health care provider or call the Montgomery County Customer Service Center at “311” to determine what immunizations are required by state law for entrance into kindergarten.  Children will be excluded from school if they have not had their immunizations. Exceptions are made only for medical and religious reasons. Vaccine requirements for school and the Maryland Immunization Certificate also are available at back-to-school-immunization-requirements.aspx  and the MCPS website, search MDH 896.


In order to provide the best learning experience for your child, school staff need to be aware of any special health or developmental problems that your child may have. Documentation of a student’s health status is required as stated below. 


6. Physical Examination – Form SR-6.  All students enrolling in Maryland public schools for the first time, or transferring from private schools within or outside of Maryland, are required to have a physical examination. To be in compliance with the law, the physical examination must be done within nine months before or six months after enrollment. Your child’s health information should be submitted on MCPS Form SR-6, Maryland Schools Record of Physical Examination, and will be made available only as appropriate to school staff.


7. Dental Examination – Form 525-17.  It is recommended that students have an annual dental examination. Please have your dentist/dental hygienist complete MCPS Form 525-17, Dental Health Form, and then return it to the school’s health room.


8. Blood Lead Testing Certificate – DHMH 4620.  The Blood Lead Testing Certificate (DHMH 4620) must be submitted for students enrolling in special education preschool  programs, kindergarten, or first grade. Head Start, prekindergarten students, and all children born on or after January 1, 2015, must complete DHMH Form 4620 (or an electronic report of the child’s blood lead analysis), certifying that the child has been screened and/or has undergone blood testing for lead poisoning during the 12-month visit and again during the 24-month visit with an authorized health care provider.


Again, you can find all the forms on the MCPS website (  Just enter “Form” with its number into the Search field.

If you have any questions about the online registration process, please call Mr. Hazel or send him an email.  His contact information is below:

Mr. Hazel, Secretary/Registrar

240-740-7350 (Phone) (Email)


For Those Without Internet Access: 

If you do not have internet access to complete the online registration, please contact Mr. Hazel.