E-mail Protocol

The Wood Acres staff appreciates the opportunity to use e-mail as an important vehicle of communication. It can be a valuable time saver and often eliminates “phone tag.” Since each teacher has many students, we believe the following tips will help streamline the process for both the parents and especially the teachers. 

  • Put your child’s name in the subject box.
  • Be specific and as brief as possible.
  • Provide your name and phone number.
  • Expect a response within 24 hours during the work week, the following Monday after a weekend.
  • If you have a personal request or change of dismissal, call the main office and do not send an email.  

Concerns that you may have about your child are very important to our teachers and it is our belief that the details should be kept confidential. Because we desire to keep concerns/issues private and because emails can often be misinterpreted, please use email to set up an appointment with your child's teacher to discuss any concerns you might have.

The Wood Acres Staff values the partnership with parents and greatly appreciates your cooperation.