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Contacting the Yearbook

The Yearbook Sponsor is Wendy Borrelli.
Email Ms. Borrelli or phone at 301-803-7303. The yearbook room is 193.

2019-2020 Yearbook Editors in Chief

Editors in Chief: Lindsey Hancock and Catherine Santy

How to Buy a Yearbook

Yearbooks are available for ordering until January 19, 2020 for $65. After January 20, 2020 yearbooks will be sold for $75 on a first come, first served basis.

To use a credit card to order your yearbook go to or call 1-866-287-3096. The order number for online or phone purchase is 13650.  Please click here for the yearbook flier.

Credit Card payment online or by phone is preferred. However, we understand some individuals may choose to pay by check/cash. Check, money order or cash payments should be left in the Yearbook Payments box in the main office. Payments must be delivered in an envelope that clearly indicates the type of payment enclosed, WJ student name(s) and grade(s) and the date of your yearbook purchase. One check for multiple students in the same family is acceptable. 


Ready to buy a senior ad? It's easy!

The deadline for Senior ads is November 6, 2018!
Space is limited, order your ad today!

Pricing for senior ads is as follows...

  • Full Page Color $365.00
  • Half Page Color $185.00
  • Quarter Page Color $95.00
  • Eighth Page Color $60.00

Click here for instructions on how to create your Senior Ad  


Share your Pictures

Share your pictures for possible inclusion in the WJ Windup using a website or smartphone app! Read the instructions for sharing and visit using School Code "gowildcats" to upload your photos from your computer.