Leadership Class

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leadership logo After reviewing all information on this webpage, students who wish to apply for a spot in the Leadership Class should login to their Google Apps for Education accounts and add themselves to this classroom; LQ8GTA.  A teacher recommendation is also required.  The teacher's form can be found at Leadership Recommendation.


The purpose of Leadership class is to promote and develop leadership skills through experiential learning. Students will create their own projects and goals and be held accountable for the achievement of their goals. To be a successful leader and student in this class, students are expected to do the following: listen, cooperate, be open to new/different ideas, support and empower others, be respectful, and embrace the difference of ideas, thoughts, and goals.

The class is structured to give students an opportunity to practice their leadership skills in order to prepare for college, an internship, or other professional positions. In reviewing class schedules prior to enrolling, it should be clear that students (and project teams) have considerable responsibility for their own development and are responsible for planning and pacing themselves. Students will find it necessary and useful to meet with the teacher, and one another, regarding assignments outside of normal class times.

In a very public setting, leadership students will learn how to plan strategically and collaborate in a diverse and high pressure environment while striving for excellence in producing an outstanding product.


  • 50 hour Leadership Journal and Log
  • Committee Work
  • Article responses and other worksheets
  • Development of two (2) Leadership Projects
    These projects can take various forms and are largely of the student's choosing. However, the project must be school and/or community based and be developed and led by the students. The first two projects will be completed in assigned groups.

    Examples of Leadership Projects could include developing and implementing:
    • Action Project
    • Community Tournaments
    • Group event or activity at an assisted living or nursing home
    • Fundraiser or donation drive for charity of student's choice
    • Community awareness event or lecture
    (Committee work and required school activities such as pep rallies, blood drive, and homecoming do not count towards the completion of a leadership project)


Each student is expected to participate and support ALL after school and evening events sponsored by the Leadership Class and SGA. These events include, but are not limited to lunch activities, before and after school activities, weekend activities, Student Assembly Meetings and all other events presented by the Leadership and SGA.