Clubs at Walter Johnson HS

The clubs at WJ change often. Student should be able to find at least one club that interests them but if not, consider starting a new one!

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the governing body for clubs at WJ. To start a new club, find a WJ staff member willing to sponsor the group. Then submit a Club Charter to the SGA Sponsor, using the online form on the SGA web.

Club Charters must be submitted and re-verified annually. First semester club charters will be accepted between September 1st and October 30th & Second semester club charters will be accepted between January 4th and January 31st.

Following is the list of clubs chartered at WJHS for the current school year. The clubs are categorized by "type" as indicated by the sponsors using the following definitions:
Competitive: clubs that participate in competitions with other schools to test student knowledge, articulation skills and mental acuity.
Arts: clubs that allow students to express their creativity in many ways. These groups supplement the activities available to students who enroll in classes in the Fine Arts or Performing Arts.
Sports and games: clubs where WJ students either compete in leagues that are not affiliated with MCPS or compete on an intramural basis.
Interest: clubs that foster communication and activism among students. Many of these clubs have a long history at WJ while others come and go as student interests change.

For more information about each club, scroll through the table that follows. Using the scrollbar on the left of the table will show the list of clubs in alphabetical order by club type. Using the scrollbar at the bottom of the table will move the information left to right to show club sponsor name & email, officer names and meeting information.

Looking for WJ teams that compete in MCPS sports? Click Athletics in the Quick Links on the left side of this page.

Crew and Ice Hockey are not affiliated with MCPS but are able to compete using the Walter Johnson HS name.