WJHS Senior Projects Program

Ms. Geri Acquard
Program Coordinator
Email: Geri Acquard

Required Documents: Proposal Form | Weekly Mentor Progress Check

Senior Projects provide students with the opportunity to complete and formally present a challenging culminating project during their senior year. Students design their project around an interest they wish to pursue in great depth, working with a WJ staff member as a mentor. Students complete a literature review once a semester to provide research that will support the completion of their project. Upon completion of the literature review,  formal presentation, and reflection of their projects, students will leave Walter Johnson High School with valuable skills which will benefit their future endeavors. Students complete this course with a greater appreciation of the community and its resources. Senior projects prepare students for successful collegiate experiences and challenging careers.

Project Scope and Sequence

Projects are generally one semester long and can earn a student 1/2 credit. Students may enroll in Senior Projects for both semesters, but must complete two separate projects or divide a full year project into two distinct parts. The full year, one-credit option for a single project may only be completed with approval of the faculty coordinator and requires a formal presentation at the conclusion of each semester.


Student grades are determined by calculating total points earned in a given grading period. This percentage is assigned a letter grade according to MCPS policy*.  Students grades fall into three categories: Weekly Progress Reports (40%) , Mentor Evaluation (30%) and Literature Review/Presentation (30%). Currently, letter grades communicate the following level of performance: 

A outstanding course performance

B very good course performance

C satisfactory course performance

D minimal course performance

E unsatisfactory course performance (not passing)

*this includes LC, P/F, I and other grading options.

All required assignments are available for downloading on Edline and Google Classroom. A list of due dates and deadlines is also located on Edline and Google Classroom , and is handed out at the beginning of each semester at the mandatory meeting. All assignments should be turned in to the Senior Project bin in room 138 by the announced due date/deadline. Late work will not be accepted. The Senior Project Coordinator will send email reminders as well as individual feedback via Edline or Google Classroom, so senior project students must have their email up to date on Edline and Google Classroom.

The major element of this course is the final project presentation which is presented during the second quarter and fourth quarter. A separate Senior Project Presentation guideline sheet will provide details and should be consulted.


Students are expected to work during their senior project period in the Media Center. If the student needs to complete work elsewhere at Walter Johnson due to the nature of their project, they must secure a work location during their senior project period where there will be staff supervision, and have this place approved by the Senior Project Coordinator. Students are responsible for signing the daily attendance log located in the Media Center, as this is a record of student attendance, and they are responsible for securing any required passes.