WJHS Minority Scholars Program

Program Coordinator
Imani Ladson


Mission of MSP:

  • To increase the academic achievement of minority students (African-American and Hispanic) and the number of minority students in Honors and Advanced Placement classes
  • To develop positive and effective relationships between staff and students

MSP Priorities

  • Mentoring/Support
  • Tutoring/Support
  • Events/Speakers/Trips
  • Academic Support and Follow Up
  • Emerging Scholar Identification (e.g., mid-year moves)
  • Feeder School Outreach
  • Bilingual Newsletter

MSP Support Activitites

  • Periodic lunch time meetings
  • Social/emotional support (e.g., support groups)
  • Honors and AP support (e.g., tutoring)
  • Field trips and guest speakers
  • College and career preparation sessions (e.g., SAT/ACT prep)
  • Scholarship and financial aid seminars
  • Job shadowing and mentoring opportunities
  • Community service
  • Portfolio development


MSP Faculty Committee

Program Coordinator: Imani Ladson, Counseling Services

  • Mr. Nico Atencio, Social Studies
  • Mr. Jason Campbell, PE
  • Mr. Mark Churchwell, World Languages
  • Ms. Nicole McCarn, Social Studies
  • Mr. George Lavelle, Tech Ed
  • Ms. Amanda McAndrew, World Languages
  • Mr. Chris Merrill, Social Studies
  • Ms. Regina Rodriguez, Administration
  • Mr. Tom Rogers, Science
  • Ms. Elaina VanCuran, English