Attendance Procedures during Virtual Learning

When students are absent from a live class session, the teacher will mark the student as absent.  Parents should submit a note within three days to the attendance secretary, Natalie Britton, via email at (please use this email extension ONLY).  As always, Ms. Britton will update the student's attendance from this point.  If your student had a doctor's appointment, email/scan a copy of the doctor's note. If you are not able to send the doctor's note at that time, send the email anyway and follow up with that later.


Attendance notes must include:  

     1) Student's FULL name 

     2) ID number 

     3) Grade level 

     4) Reason for absence date(s)/time they missed class 

     5) Names of the teachers and the classes missed.


Students must watch the recording lessons within 72 hours of being absent. AFTER watching a recorded video of a missed class, please complete the “Live Virtual Lesson Absence Form”.  All class recordings must be watched within 72 hours after the scheduled class because all videos will automatically delete after 72 hours.  If the student does not watch the recorded video, he/she does NOT need to complete that virtual form. Either way, parents should continue to submit attendance notes as always to and your child’s teachers.  Once the recorded session has been viewed and the form submitted, the attendance will be updated to "Present-other" to indicate that the student watched the recording.  If this form is not completed, but a parent submits a note, Ms. Britton will update the attendance records accordingly.


If your child is going to miss several days please notify Natalie Britton, their teachers, the counselor, and the administrator via email as soon as you are aware of the absences.  


Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me 240-740-6901.