Guide to Requesting Transcripts &
Counselor Letters of Recommendation

Important Facts:

  • Ms. Evans and counselors need at least 30 SCHOOL DAYS before your college deadline to process a transcript/counselor request.
  • Payments for transcripts are only accepted by Ms. Evans in the College & Career Center during the following times:
    • Before school
    • During lunch
    • After school
    Payment for transcripts should be made at the time that students request their transcripts.
  • For most schools... mail your part of the application separately. We will mail transcript, counselor recommendation and secondary school report as requested.
  • All forms in your Compass Points packet are available in the Document Library of your Naviance Family Connection account. 


  1. Make sure you have completed an Authorization for Release of Student Records Form. Return this form to Ms. Evans.
  2. If you have taken SAT's or ACT's and plan to submit your scores, contact College Board and/or ACT to send your official scores to your schools .
  3. Complete a Transcript Request Form has been updated and the form will be posted soon. This form must be completed for each college or university to which you apply! You will need to provide the address of the college and check off the items you wish us to send with your application. Don't forget to check all the appropriate boxes on your request and please print clearly in all areas of the form.
  4. See Ms. Evans in the College & Career Center to submit Transcript Requests and payments. Transcripts are $5.00 each (price includes postage), and the first five are free. You may then check the status of your applications through your Naviance Family Connection account.


Mid-Year Transcripts/Reports - You must complete a Mid-Year Transcript Request form. All Common App schools require a Mid-Year report be sent!

Final Transcripts - The final (graduation) transcript will be sent only to the college that you will be attending. It is important that you inform us of your final decision. You must provide Ms. Evans with a stamped, addressed business-size envelope in May before you graduate. The final transcripts will be mailed in mid-July as soon as we receive them.

Alumni who have graduated 5 or less years ago:

  1. Make sure you have completed an Authorization for Release of Student Records Form. Return this form to Gayle Evans
  2. Please send an email to Ms. Evans letting her know the college, the address, and the admissions email address.
  3. Each transcript request is $5.00. Please make checks payable to Walter Johnson HS.

Alumni who have graduated more than 5 years ago:

 Please contact central records at 240-740-5270.