College Data Guide for Applicants
(Updated, Summer 2013)


This Data Guide has been researched and developed by a former WJHS parent, Dr. Jim Lipton, to assist Walter Johnson High School (WJHS) students in identifying colleges to explore. This is the 15th consecutive year that a revised Guide has been posted on the WJHS web page. It contains pertinent information about over 300 colleges and universities in the United States and other countries to which at least 5 WJHS seniors have applied and at least 2 students have been admitted from 2009 to 2013.

Information was obtained from a database maintained by the WJHS College and Career Coordinator, Ms. Gayle Evans. Only summary data were compiled so that no individual students were identified at any time. The Guide is not meant to be exhaustive. Be careful about drawing conclusions based on some small sample sizes. The data are not meant to "guarantee" admission, but there is lots of helpful information. Also, you should remember that many factors in addition to grades and SAT/ACT scores are taken into account by colleges when reviewing your application. These include your essays, letters of recommendation, and accomplishments in the arts, music, sports, non-school competitions, and community activities.

Colleges and universities are organized in two tables, the first list by state and the second alphabetically by name. In the linked tables, the following data are included, by college, for WJHS students who graduated from 2009 to 2013: 1) state, 2) number of WJ applicants, 3) number of WJ students accepted, 4) number of WJ students attending (based on student’s report), 5) mean weighted grade point average (WGPA) of accepted WJ students, 6) mean SAT I score (based on 2400 scale) of accepted WJ students, and 7) mean ACT scores (where available) of accepted WJ students (ACT data are included for the first time in these tables). Given the increased competition for admission to colleges, the grade point average, SAT and ACT scores of accepted students have, for most colleges, gone up over the past few years. Thus data for only the past 5 years are included to provide the most timely and relevant information.

One way to start generating a list of colleges that may be appropriate for you is to compare your WGPA and SAT I/ACT score with those of WJHS students who were accepted at particular colleges. As you will see, there are many colleges that are available for all students. The two lists contain only one-third of all colleges (over 800) to which WJ students applied from 2009 to 2013, so there are many more to choose from. Much additional information about the listed colleges, as well as many other public and private higher education institutions, is available to WJHS students through their Naviance Family Connection account. Consult Ms. Evans about this valuable resource.

Another useful resource is the College Board website (, which has a superb college search engine that allows you to look for such important topics as major subjects offered by each college, costs, financial aid opportunities, graduation rates, athletic teams, extracurricular opportunities, size of student body, availability of services for students with special needs, and SAT I and ACT scores for all admitted students from throughout the world.

Click on the appropriate link to see colleges that have accepted WJ students. These links will open new browser windows. Close the windows to return to this page. Happy Searching!

Colleges/Universities Listed By State 

Colleges/Universities Listed Alphabetically 

Sincere thanks are extended to Ms. Gayle Evans, WJHS College & Career Center Coordinator, for her generous help in obtaining data for this Guide.

To obtain more information about this database, please feel free to email former WJ parent Jim Lipton.