WJ Feedback, Email Directories and Other Electronic Communication

This page provides links to access the school's email directories, find out about the PTSA Bulletin Board (formerly listserv), learn about the unofficial discussion listserv and contact the webmaster.

The PTSA Bulletin Board distributes email information from school staff and parent organizations relating to events within the school and greater WJ community. All members of the WJ community are strongly encouraged to subscribe to this valuable communication resource!

Members of the community who are interested in engaging in electronic discussion may join an optional discussion list, separate from the PTSA Bulletin Board. This optional discussion list is for people who are seeking a venue to discuss ideas or offer suggestions outside the confines of the PTSA Bulletin Board. This forum is open to back and forth discussion without limits. Best practices in regards to appropriate behavior are expected. The link for the optional discussion group is N.B. This resource is not moderated nor monitored by either the administration or the PTSA.

In addition to these forms of communication, all parents and students are encouraged to begin a dialogue with their Counselors and/or their grade level Assistant Principals. These staff members remain with students throughout their four years at WJ and are the very best resource for getting questions answered about school policies and practices. It is never too early to build this relationship. Click her for current WJ Counselor assignments and Click here for current WJ Assistant Principal grade level assignments