WhitNet is Whitman's moderated e-mail network for parents/guardians, staff, faculty, students, and interested community members of Walt Whitman High School.  Please note that WhitNet is not a "discussion board”; it is reserved for official school, PTSA, and Foundation announcements.

Our NEW WhitNet:   As of November 1, 2019, we no longer use Yahoo Groups as our WhitNet platform.  We now use AtoZConnect.  If you do NOT receive WhitNet emails currently and would like to, please follow the directions below.  Once you start to receive them, you may unsubscribe at any time.

For Whitman parents, follow these directions:

·  Go to www.AtoZConnect.com.

·  Click "LogIn" at the top.

·  At the bottom of the "Account Login" screen, click "Don't Have an Account? Signup Now."

·  Enter "20817" in the "School Zip Code" field.

·  Click on "Walt Whitman High School PTSA."

·  Enter your email address.

·  Enter your mobile phone number (not required.)

·  Click "Continue" and follow the prompts!

For Whitman teachers and staff members, please email "WhitNetModerators@gmail.com."

For Whitman students, you may add your email address into your family's AtoZConnect account.  Please ask a parent/quardian to log into their AtoZConnect account by going to www.AtoZConnect.com.  (Note:  If they've forgotten their password, they should click "Forgot Password?"  Once logged in, click the following:  "My Account," "My Family Info," and "Edit" next to your name.  Lastly, enter your email address in the email address field and click "Save."

For community members who do not have a current Whitman student, please email "WhitNetModerators@gmail.com."

Trouble?  Please email "WhitNetModerators@gmail.com."  Thank you!