Drop-off, Pick-up, and ParkingTips

Morning Drop off: 

There are two lanes of traffic that flow into the Whitman lot in the morning from Whittier Blvd.  Stay in either lane.  In the MORNING, traffic flows to the left or to the right of the divide (the white wall in front of the school), and you are allowed to pull-up on either side.  Please follow the security guards’ directions, and get close to the guard before you let your student of out the car.  Do not drop your student off at the beginning of the divide (it clearly states not to), or get out of your car.   Please encourage your student to exit from the car safely and as quickly as possible. 


* If you are turning left into the school from Whittier, you should stay in the left lane.  Trying to get over into the right lane slows down traffic in the morning.    


Dropping off during school hours: 

After the morning drop-off, you can only use the drop-off lane to the left of the divide.  Pull-up to the walkway in the middle of the divide, and drop your child off at this area.  Do NOT enter into the Whitman main entrance area marked for Buses only.  Parents and visitors are never allowed to enter into this area during school hours (even if you are quickly dropping something off at school).  


Picking-up at dismissal: 

While there are two lanes of traffic entering in the school, ALL cars must eventually get over into the left lane and pull-up on the left side of the divide.  There are buses in the main entrance area and cars are NEVER allowed in this area.  If you arrive early, it is okay to wait in your car in the drop off lane.  However, DO NOT park or leave your car unattended in this lane. 


Picking-up during school hours: 

Like pick-up at the end of the day, pull-up in the drop off lane on the left side of the divide.  You can park and wait for child here but do not leave your car unattended.  DO NOT pull up into the front entrance of the school to pick up your child.  Cars are not allowed in this area during the school day. 


Picking-up after school hours: 

If you are picking your student up after about 5:00pm, you are allowed to pull-up into the main entrance area and wait.  Please do not park or leave your car unattended. 


Parking during the school day: 

When possible, please park in the “Visitor” spots located in the second to last two rows, far right.  If these spots are full, you are allowed to park in the “staff” spots. NEVER park in a spot that is numbered; these numbered spots are reserved and have been paid for by students.  You could be towed if you park in one of these spots.  NEVER park in the Whitman main entrance during school hours, this is for buses only.  NEVER park in the handicap spots, unless you have a handicap sign, (to the left of the drop-off lane), and NEVER park in the spots to the right of the handicap spots.  These spots are labeled and reserved for the Administration, staff and PTSA Presidents at all times. 


Parking during events: 

You can park in numbered spots during non-school hour events.  DO NOT park in front of the school in the bus zone.  You could be ticketed or towed.