Board Position Descriptions

 Whitman Board Descriptions


Walt Whitman High School

PTSA Board Positions



WHITMAN Executive Vice President  

The Executive Vice President works under and in cooperation with the president assisting the president with assigned duties and is the secondary liaison between the administration and the PTSA members. The president-elect is authorized to sign PTSA checks and works with the president and treasurer to develop a budget for the upcoming school year. In addition to PTSA meetings, the President-Elect attends: either monthly Whitman Foundation or monthly Cluster meetings (or both if they chose), and some BOE and/or County Council testimonies. The President-Elect maintains the PTSA website during the school year. At the end of the year, the President-elect helps the President coordinate the PTSA end of year volunteer dinner. In the event of the president’s resignation, the president-elect presides for the remainder of the term. The president-elect, after one year of service, automatically becomes president for the next school year.

The president-elect attends monthly Board of Directors’ meetings and PTSA general meetings (as well as a Board of Directors meeting in June) and fills in as needed when the president is absent. President-elect collaborates with the current president on agendas for these meetings. The president-elect also attends monthly meetings with the school principal.



The treasurer has custody of all funds of the PTSA and Post Prom, maintains an accurate and detailed account of receipts and expenditures and retains all bank statements. The treasurer receives and deposits all PTSA and Post Prom funds into the PTSA’s bank account, pays all authorized PTSA and Post Prom financial obligations and makes disbursements in accordance with the budget adopted by the PTSA. The treasurer works closely with the President and President-Elect to develop a budget for the upcoming school year. The treasurer is responsible for filing and submitting all applicable tax forms and submitting a copy to the Maryland PTA office, and ensuring that all fiscal reporting requirements are met. The treasurer will also have the accounts examined at the close of the fiscal year and upon change of treasurer by an auditor or an auditing committee (see Bylaws for specific requirements). The treasurer will submit a copy of its annual financial review to Maryland PTA by the required timeline.


The treasurer attends Board of Directors’ meetings and PTSA general meetings (as well as a Board of Directors meeting in June.) The treasurer also attends Post Prom planning meetings which are typically held once a month starting in January. The treasurer presents a financial statement at every PTSA, Post Prom and Board of Directors meeting.


VP for MEMBERSHIP (Held by 2 co-VP’s) 

The VP’s for Membership conduct the PTSA membership drive in the summer and fall. They coordinate publicity to increase parent and teacher participation, which includes: promoting membership on Whitnet from early August to approximately mid- December, coordinating membership tables at the Principals Coffee for New Parents in June (the last day of school) and August (the day of the Freshman Mock day) and at Back to School Night; and sending a letter to the staff specifically asking them to join the PTSA. The VP’s compile and maintain all membership records and ensure proper registration with local, state and national PTA’s. They work closely with the Directory Committee Chair in October to coordinate the labeling and distribution of the PTA school directories; once directories are distributed, verification is sometimes required to ensure that membership is current.


The VPs attend Board of Directors’ meetings and PTSA general meetings (as well as a Board of Directors meeting in June.) The VP’s report on current membership data at these meetings.


VP for VOLUNTEERS (Held by 2 co-VP’s)  

The VP’s work together to fill the various PTSA committee chair positions that are open each year. They begin in the Spring by determining which positions will be available. They then begin recruiting volunteers via personal contacts, emails, etc. The goal is to have the positions filled by the start of the next school year. The VP’s maintain contact with the committee chairs throughout the year (beginning in August for some committees) to ensure the programs is running on schedule and according to plan.


They also work with the Board to determine various committee budget information, timing of events, etc. They are available to assist the PTSA President and other Board members as needed. The VPs attend Board of Directors’ meetings and PTSA general meetings.



The recording secretary attends PTSA and Board of Directors’ meetings and takes minutes of all proceedings. The secretary prepares written minutes of all meetings and provides these minutes to the President within 2 weeks of the meetings. The secretary maintains a notebook which contains the minutes from all of these meetings.




The corresponding secretary attends PTSA and Board of Directors’ meetings and is responsible for Whitnet/communication to the community. The corresponding secretary reviews all requests for posts and approves communication per the guidelines of the Board prior to submission on Whitnet.



MCCPTA/CLUSTER REP (Held by 2 co-VP’s)  

The MCCPTA/Cluster Rep attends PTSA and Board of Directors’ meetings and the MCCPTA cluster meetings, budget and testimony hearings, the MCCPTA delegates assembly meetings and represent Walt Whitman in the cluster. The reps share communication from MCC Board of Ed, advocate on behalf of the cluster to the Board of Ed and represent the interests and needs of the community.





The VP of Post Prom attends PTSA and Board of Directors’ meetings and Post Prom meetings. The VP is responsible for Whitman’s Post Prom event held at the end of the year for Seniors after Senior Prom. The VP organizes the various committees for Post Prom, is responsible for budget management of the Post Prom budget with the PTSA Treasurer and reports updates to the PTSA Board.


Special Education Rep 

The Special Education Rep attends PTSA and Board of Directors’ meetings. The Rep is responsible for representing, advocating and providing information related to the needs of Students with special needs.