WWHS Counseling Advisory Council

The Counseling Advisory Council (CAC) is a positive, constructive, working committee compromised of parents, counselors, and SGA representative who work together to assist the Counseling Department in providing the best possible services for students and their families. Support provided may include but is not limited to: organization of parent informational meetings at each grade level, collaborating on ideas for improvements in the school environment, providing encouragement to the counseling staff, and building better communication between the school and families.

2017-18 CAC Meeting Dates:

Evening Meetings

Wednesday, 9/6/17 Freshman Parent Meeting 7:30 Auditorium

Wednesday, 9/13/17 Senior and Parent Meeting 7:00 Auditorium

Wednesday, 12/13/17 Junior and Parent College Meeting 7:00 Auditorium

Tuesday, 1/9/18 Sophomore and Parent Meeting 7:00 Auditorium

Tuesday, 4/24/18 Junior and Parent Meeting Panel 7:00 Auditorium

Tuesday, 5/22/18 Senior Transition Meeting 7:00 Auditorium


Monthly meetings

Wednesday, 9/20/17 Meet the Counselor Breakfast 9-10:30 Courtyard

Thursday, 10/26/17 Ask the Counselors Panel 1:30 CIC

Thursday, 11/30/17 Guide to Electives with RT’s 1:15 CIC

Thursday, 1/18/18 Registration Considerations with Academic RT’s 1:15 CIC


Thursday, 2/15/18 Whitman Internship Program 1:30 CIC

Thursday 3/22/18 Topic TBA 7:00 Auditorium

Thursday, 4/26/18 Q&A Panel on Transition to High School for Pyle 8th graders 1:30 CIC

End-of-Year luncheon date TBA (end of May)


Whitman Guide to Electives

                   Elective Minutes

Course Registration Considerations (featuring RTs from math, science, English, and social studies; meeting 1.5 hours)

                 2016 Course Registration Minutes




Stressbusters: The Stressbusters Committee aims to reduce the negative effects of stress on students at Whitman. We work with the administration, the guidance department, parents, and students to identify and remove unnecessary sources of stress and to improve students’ ability to cope with normal levels of stress.

The Stressbusters Committee is a subcommittee of the Counseling Advisory Council and was formed in 2004. It consists of parents, students, the school principal, and Whitman’s resource counselor.