Course Registration with Counselors

Course registration will begin this coming week. The schedule is here. The expectation is that students will have completed their course requests prior to meeting with their counselor on the assigned day. Students will have the opportunity to briefly meet with their counselor to review their course requests for the 2021-2022 school year. All of the course registration information is posted on the Walt Whitman Counseling website, on the course registration page. Course registration information includes: the course bulletin, course registration card, a video of directions on how to complete registration on Synergy StudentVUE, a slideshow demonstrating sample schedules for each grade level, slides from the resource teachers in each core subject area and elective slideshows. The course registration page is linked here.


Students should use this ZOOM link to meet with their counselor. Please do not use the personal meeting rooms of each counselor. All counselors will be available through this common ZOOM link during the registration dates and times. If Ms. Wislar was your counselor, you will have an opportunity to meet with another counselor for registration through this link.