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One of our Whitman students created a short teen suicide prevention video; this film presents a powerful message created by a high school student speaking directly to other high schoolers. It includes a slam poetry piece, interviews with teens, an interview with a hotline operator, common warning signs of suicide, resources, and an interpretive dance. The overarching message of this video is to emphasize the importance of reaching out for help and reaching out to help others who might be struggling. While it was specifically created to empower those struggling with suicidal intentions, as well as those who know someone who may be at risk, it is valuable for all of us to watch so we can be more aware of everyone around us. Brought to you by Amelia Montagnino; Poetry by Jordan Shaibani.


Vision Statement

As professional school counselors at Walt Whitman High School, we are dedicated to empowering every student to achieve academic success, personal and social growth, wellness and career exploration.

Mission Statement

Walt Whitman High School Counseling Services is staffed by professional school counselors who advocate, collaborate and facilitate individual and system change to ensure every student has the knowledge and skills necessary for academic success and personal growth. School counselors strive to empower students to embrace their full potential and to achieve their personal and academic aspirations.

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Whitman Counseling Program Beliefs

  • All students can develop the skills necessary for academic success, personal growth, positive interpersonal relationships, career development and healthy choices.
  • All students have a right to equitable treatment and access to opportunities and supports.
  • School counseling is integral to a school system’s efforts to enhance educational attainment for all students.
  • School counselors must work to design and implement programs that contribute to student success 

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