Frequently Asked Questions

How do students make an appointment to see their counselor?

Every week, counselors display their weekly schedule in the front of the Counseling Office. Students can sign up for any open appointment time. Once a student chooses an appointment time, he/she then completes a Counseling Appointment Slip with the date and time, which is signed by the School Counseling Secretary. When it is time for the appointment, the student shows the teacher the appointment slip, and then he/she reports to the Counseling Office at the designated time.

How do parents make an appointment to see their child’s counselor?

Parents can call Ms. Bobrow, the School Counseling Secretary, to schedule an appointment with their child’s counselor. Appointments with counselors are available throughout the school day and after school. If you are requesting to meet with the counselor and a teacher, please contact Ms. Bobrow at 301-320-6590 so that she can coordinate everyone’s schedules.