White Oak MS PTSA Mission Statement


Every Child, One Voice: To build a strong, dedicated WOMS community that encourages success for every student in a secure environment that promotes academic excellence, values a strong home/school partnership, and ensures respect for all.

Goals and Objectives

Goal #1 : To promote an atmosphere of respect and accountability through enhanced communication between the school staff, teachers, students, and parents

  • Support character building and development programs
  • Distribute monthly newsletter with contributions by students, teachers, parents and principal
  • Produce a student/staff directory
  • Increase Oaknet subscriptions
  • Enhance staff/teacher/parent involvement in PTSA programs and staff/teacher/parent committees in school

Goal #2: To promote academic excellence

  • Establish a clear message of “expectations” and “goals” throughout the school year both with respect to academics and behavior. Acknowledge this by establishing student and teacher “recognition” programs
  • Ask Principal to seek staff inputs on specific activities that require parent volunteers
  • Support development of a student mentoring program

Goal #3: To facilitate family and community involvement at WOMS

  • Organize family events, such as turkey bingo and cultural appreciation day
  • Enhance parental participation in both in-school and after-school activities
  • Support teach, staff and student recognition in school and in the broader community
  • Use the Comer Process as a tool to facilitate family and community involvement
  • Provide support for the annual Comer School Development Summit

Goal #4: To leverage diversity as a strength at WOMS

  • Highlight globalization and diversity through visuals in school and cultural arts programs
  • Support greater inclusion of foreign languages in PTSA communications
  • Liaison with NAACP Parent Council and the Latino Parent Group