Wheaton High School - Green Team Club

Green Team

Green Team Sponsor:
Dedra Mattox-Jones Nalley 

The Green Team meets Thursdays during lunch at 11:45 am in Room #345

The Green Team has been active in the school for several years. Our students and sponsor are very dedicated to the greening of WheatonHigh School (WHS) and meet weekly to plan events. We organize media campaigns for conserving and recycling, clean up events to help the Chesapeake Bay's watershed, educational opportunities to teach WHS staff and students about environmental issues and promote environmental activism through community fairs and volunteering, just to name a few. Help Green WHS by sorting your trash, recycling, conserving water and energy, cleaning up after yourself and respecting your school while protecting the Earth.
Go Green... Go Knights!

Green Team Club clean upRecyclingTips

Join the WHS Green Team GO GREEN by doing these things everyday!

  • Recycle anything possible
  • Throw your trash in the trash can
  • Clean up after yourself after lunch
  • Have school spirit
  • Be respectful to yourself and others by using thoughtful gestures