School Profile of Wheaton High School

School Profile

The School and the Community

Wheaton High School - exterior schoolEstablished in 1954, Wheaton High School serves the communities of Wheaton, Rockville and Silver Spring in Montgomery County, Maryland. A comprehensive public senior high school, Wheaton High School has a full complement of challenging academics and innovative programs including an Honors program, an Advanced Placement program, and a Freshman Academy. Wheaton High School is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and by the Maryland State Department of Education.


Students come from 43 countries. About 57.2% of our students are Hispanic; 21.7% are African American; 10.5% are white; 10.6% are Asian; and 0% are Native American.

Wheaton High School Administration

  • Dr. Debra Mugge, Principal
  • Ms. Heather Carias, Assistant Principal
  • Dr. James Berry, Assistant Principal¬†
  • Ms. Sandi Williams, Assistant Principal
  • Ms. Pamela Krawczel, Assistant Principal
  • Ms. Sandy Spruill, Business Administrator
  • Ms. Sonia Berrios Carroll, Administrative Secretary