Where can I find my teacher's email?

Staff e-mail addresses are available in the Staff Directory

How should I email my teacher?

"Good morning/afternoon/evening Mr./Ms. (Teacher's LastName),

I was wondering/I would like some help with/Other polite question or request

Thank you,

YourFirstName YourLastName"

New Student Information

    1. Principal's summer letter 2018-2019

    2. Summer letter 18-19-Attachments(see below for what is included in this link)

             -ACS letter

             -School Calendars

             -School Supplies List

             -Notification of Rights Under FERPA (Directory Information form)

             -IB MYP Program Information

             -Counselors' Corner

             -Transportation Information (Bus routes, etc.)

             -Extracurricular Activity (Athletics, etc.)

             -Lunch Account information 

             -Health Room News

             -Outdoor Education Open House Information

             -MCPS Gives Backpacks

             -Asbestos Notification Letter

             -Other forms: 

                  -Bus behavioral expectations

                  -Authorization for Release of Student

                  -Bullying, Harassment, or Intimidation Reporting Form

             -PTSA Information