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Special Education: Learning and Academic Disabilities (LAD)

 SPED 19-20

Vision:   Fostering an inclusive model of instruction where all students are active members of the general education classroom by offering a variety of services that will be offered both inside and outside of the general education classroom. The delivery of services will help to bridge learning gaps for all students as we empower them to develop to their maximum potential.

Mission:   To prescriptively address identified areas of academic and/or behavior deficits through the use of evidence-based practice and strategies that focus on closing learning gaps and preparing our students for the future. We will enable and empower all students to develop to their maximum potential in their school and community.


Ms. Blair K Freeman

Special Education, RTSE



Special Education: Social Emotional Special Education Services (SESES)

 SESES 19-20



Ms. Berdett Coleman

Special Education, SESES RTSE

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